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5 Things to do in Jersey

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, nestled between England and France. A self-governing dependency of the United Kingdom, with a mix of British and French cultures, it’s well known for its beaches, cliff side walking trails, inland valleys and historic castles.

Just over the water from France but proudly British in its allegiances, the best-known of the Channel Islands is a great place to escape to for a long weekend… or longer. Here, you’ll find boozers, bistros, RIB rides and a one-of-a-kind escape games. If you’re in the market for marine life, plenty of history and cream teas with a twist.

Home to TV Detective Bergerac, the best potatoes known to man, and the prettiest cows to graze any meadow. However, there is more to Jersey than a Triumph loving detective, spuds and beautiful cows. Jersey is beautiful and the perfect place to escape to anytime of the year.  A short jump and skip away from the UK and you could be in this sandy paradise.  At just a half-hour plane journey from Gatwick and your feet could be paddling in clear blue seas..

The weather is always warmer than the mainland (well just a bit), the beaches are pristine, the seafood is out of this world and if you follow this blog to the end we can show you how to make good returns financially as well as enjoy a great British break.

At just nine by five miles, Jersey is the perfect size to enjoy a selection of diverse activities during your visit. From discovering the Island’s heritage through our majestic castles to whiling away the days on our miles of scenic coastline and basking in the sun, your trip to Jersey is as varied as the people that visit.

Whether you are seeking the Island’s best beach walks and coastal driving routes to unforgettable food experiences overlooking the sea, your holiday to Jersey is what you make it! With plenty of outdoor activities from exhilarating boat trips to healthy walks along the Island’s diverse and colourful landscape, to delightful restaurants and interesting cultural sites for you to explore at your leisure.

Here are our 5 top tips:

1. Durrell Wildlife Park

Established in 1959 on the island of Jersey in the English Channel by naturalist and author Gerald Durrell. It is operated by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. It has approximately 169,000 visitors per ye is sure to appeal. Ideal for all ages Created by Gerald Durrell OBE, the renowned naturalist, Durrell Wildlife Park is different to any zoo.

The focus is firmly on conservation and on breeding programmes with the ultimate aim of releasing back into the wild. There are no cramped cages but there are free-ranging tamarin monkeys and 130 other species in all thriving here

2. La Mare Wine Estate

What is a holiday without a tipple of the good stuff? La Mare Wine Estate was established in 1968 and has become one of the most popular things to do on Jersey.

Fine Wines

Famous for their wine tasting tours, VSOP Jersey Apple Brandy and Jersey Cider, with over 5000 apple trees on the estate. You must not forget to sample their Jersey Black Butter, which is actually a kind of preserve.

3. The Jersey War Tunnels

Jersey was occupied by the Germans on 1 July 1940, after the British government had decided that they would not try to defend it, and was not liberated until 9 May 1945.

The German occupation went down in history by the villainous introduction of numerous penal laws, severe food shortages, widespread fear and paranoia, and the forced labour used to bolster Hitler’s defences which comprised the Jersey War Tunnels which stretch to over 1 kilometre in length and are large enough to hold military tanks, were designed to help German infantry resist air raids and artillery bombardment. They were built by slave workers and civilian prisoners controlled by the paramilitary

The Tunnels have now been turned into substantial exhibition space, teaching visitors about the history of the Second World War, the occupation and the difficulties and dangers faced by locals.

4. Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

Over that time, it has been fought over by the English and French and occupied by the Germans, developed its own language, democracy and legal system, and become an important tourist destination and offshore financial centre. The Island’s fascinating story is told at the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery.

Don’t miss the exhibits devoted to the 1781 Battle of Jersey, an unsuccessful invasion attempt by the French aimed at removing the threat the Island posed to American shipping during the American War of Independence.

The 5th and most important thing is:

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